¡Español, Por Favor!

Now that Dessa is almost 2 years old, we can really see how our efforts at raising her bilingual are paying off. She doesn't speak super clearly yet but definitely uses a lot of Spanish and English words. She also understands everything we say to her in either language. It's a great relief to finally get some assurance that our efforts haven't been in vain. For so long it was a one way convo and it was hard to see if what I was doing was having any impact. It's a lonely road sometimes when you're raising a bilingual child in a community that's, um, not so diverse.

We're far from over with our bilingual journey, especially now as we enter such a critical phase in Dessa's development. Just a few years ago, I was a skeptic about doing anything online. Well, I stand corrected. Now, Mami is an interwebs expert and thanks to a slew of wonderful blogs and resources, the Internet has provided me with a support system for raising Dessa bilingual.

Lots of parents are looking for ideas, resources or even just a comforting story of another family facing similar struggles. I know I was! Here's a list of my favorite places online to find a little something to help you raise your bilingual baby:

Am I missing any great sites the you love? Feel free to share, the more the merrier!