Dimelo: The Real Me (If I Was Interviewed by a Tabloid)


TBM: I see. What else are you allergic to?

Senora C.: The list is embarrassing. Let's just say it covers everything from eggs to apples and I have an epi pen in my purse. The limited diet led me and my family to the Paleo diet and makes it next to impossible to eat while traveling for work. If you see me at a conference, I'm the chick with Perrier in my whine glass.

TBM: That. Sucks.

Senora C.: I know, right?

TBM: So how's that lead to you joking about being allergic to your DNA?

Senora C.: It goes like this: I'm first generation Mexican American. I'm also severely allergic to the very existence of the mesquite tree, which is everywhere in the Southwest, where I used to live. So is my kid. Henceforth: I was probably meant to be born a Swedish baby.

TBM: *chokes on laughter* And this explains how you ended up in Maine, then.

Senora C.: *nodding head* It was either start decorating the inside of my bubble or get the hell out of Allergy Central. We chose freedom.