Dimelo: The Real Me (If I Was Interviewed by a Tabloid)


TBM: You uncomformist, you.

Senora C.: I'm not exactly a follower.

TBM.: We noticed. You homeschool, see a naturopathic doctor, and don't flinch when talking about things like living with ADHD or your own eating disordered background. Broken filter, much?

Senora C.: Only when I write. Wait. Check that. Mostly only when I write. In either case, I'm not shying away from the tough stuff because it makes other people uncomfortable. I write about it all and am pretty sure the broken filter is the reason I'm here right now.

TBM: Last question -- What's your stance on immigration reform and current public sentiment?

Senora C.: Purple.

TBM: We figured as much.

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