Dimelo: Hispanic Heritage Month Is Over? Cue The After Party!


I popped my cherry.

That sounds way less dirty than you think, seeing as how I'm referring to my former Hispanic Heritage Month Virgin status. I'm first generation Mexican-American. With la familia being from the old country and the month-long celebration being an American thing, I'm betting it's why I made it 35 years without more than a passing glance: everyday was a celebration in Hispanic Heritage to begin with.

I think for many of us, it's an eye-opener when we recognize that Being Latino is part of who we are at the very core. Whether or not we "look the part", speak with too much (or not enough) of an accent, or speak more Spanglish than Spanish or less English than Spanish, we are who we are. If we celebrate that, every day is a personal testament to our roots.

As a child, I said my prayers in Spanish. The Our Father and Hail Mary, to be exact.