Dimelo: Facebook Can't Ruin Your Marriage—Only You Can


Not too long ago, a friend brought up Facebook and how it was ruining her marriage. Remember, I'm the chick that keeps my iPhone in my bra so I can Instagram and update on the fly, so this was new territory. Was she getting too many Farmville requests from her beloved and she now wanted to unfriend him to protect her sanity?

My jaw hit the floor when she told me the marriage trouble was because her hubby had a Facebook account and she didn't have the password. Girlfriend was pissed. How dare he have a Facebook account to himself? If he was going to have one, she said, it better be a shared account with a shared password. She wasn't having any of this him talking to other women thing, even if they just went to high school together.

My friend, I'll call her Psue (it's short for Pseudonym, y'all) knows me. So she didn't blink when I asked her if she was high. Or when I told her that she was insane for getting her 'chonis in a bunch over something so trivial.