Dimelo: Facebook Can't Ruin Your Marriage—Only You Can


Yes, marriages have ended because of affairs, both online and physical, but let's be clear on a few things, I told Psue. If you don't trust your husband enough to have his own Facebook account, that's not his problem. It's yours. And if he does happen to be a total asshat and cheat, the Other Woman is not to blame. If The Husband ever does cheat (and I trust that he won't) I'm not going after the woman, my friends. It's his ass I'm kicking first because he's entirely responsible for his own actions.

If I can't trust him enough to post funny pictures on Facebook without the false security of having the password to police his actions, Facebook is not the problem, nor is giving him the choice between Facebook and your marriage. We all need to be willing to allow for our partners to maintain their own sense of self in a relationship.

"Want to know what I'd be doing right now if The Husband didn't trust me enough to be online without his "approval?" I asked PSue.  "I'd still be writing this column, that's for damned sure. Whether or not I'd still be married would be up to him."

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