Dimelo: Facebook Can't Ruin Your Marriage—Only You Can


"This isn't about him," I told her. "This is you and your trust issues."

But what if he talks To Other People Who Happen To Have Vaginas When She Isn't Around? What if one snags him into an affair? You know how other women can be. No respect for marriage, you know.

I really wasn't sure how to respond, being that my work depends on social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Google + are just the beginning for me when it comes to where you can find me on the internet. The Husband is only on Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends. And sometimes he does go out to lunch with or get phone calls or text messages from friends with boobs that he's known longer than we've been dating. But because we respect each others' privacy and trust in our relationship, I smile and wave him out the door when he says he's off to meet so-and-so for lunch (even if so and so happens to have a pair of chichis).