Dimelo: “Everybody Knows” You Deserve More

I'd like to high-five Danny and shake Tavella's hand for telling girls self-respect is more important than holding on to the douchebag disrespecting you. It's one thing to hear one girl say it to another. It speaks volumes to hear it from a man. And the fact that we can laugh at ourselves while listening to “Everybody Knows” just makes it that much more powerful. "I think it's way too common for girls to be stuck in relationships where they are just not being treated correctly," Tavella said about the song. "We all need to be reminded sometime and this video is a good ice-breaker."

That it is—the perfect reminder to talk about the pressure young girls feel to validate themselves with a boyfriend and a relationship (even if it's a bad one). I'm not saying every boy and full-grown man out there is a pig, mind you, because there are plenty of good guys waiting for us to get the bad boy phase out of our systems. I went through one myself and stayed in relationships where I was being treated like crap until I realized I was only there because I chose to stay.

Hear that, ladies? We get to choose.

What would I have said to the girl in the music video? The same thing I say to you. You are beautiful and worth everything he says you're not. You are strong. You are good enough. And you don't need him. Once you've got that, the world is yours for the taking.

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