Dimelo: “Everybody Knows” You Deserve More

I was up late, as usual, working on writing deadlines that I can only seem to attack after I've spent the daylight hours being Mom and Wife and Homeschool Teacher, when I got a tweet asking if I'd seen the video of Danny Trejo giving dating advice to girls. And because “Danny Trejo” and “advice to girls” are not things that usually go together, given that Trejo is the mean-looking Mexican-American actor who always plays the tough-guy in roles like Machete, I clicked the link to satisfy my curiosity.

I am so glad I did. Because I think I'm now in love. (Have you clicked the link yet?)

The video is actually for the song Dustin Tavella song “Everybody Knows”, which also happens to be known as "the song Selena Gomez Danced to When She Was Breaking Up with Bieber." In the video, Tavella cast himself as the self-centered boyfriend of a sweet girl. While her boyfriend is openly flirting with waitresses and can't bring himself to say the words “I love you, too” when she tries to bring his attention back to her. Danny appears, big and badass, lip-syncing lyrics like “Your boyfriend is a douchebag/Even his mama thinks so” and proceeding to give the very advice I share with you, my readers—except in Dimelo, I don't sing. (This is where you say "thank you.") It's a hilarious and brilliant, no-holds-barred musical commentary addressing the very question I am presented so often by readers of the column.

The question might not be worded the same way every time, but the theme is a constant:

My boyfriend is cheating on me. What do I do?

My boyfriend keeps flirting with other girls in front of me. Please help!

My boyfriend keeps disrespecting me but I still love him! Ayudame!