Dimelo: Taboo Topics That Shouldn't Be


Read them. Share them. Talk about them. What the rest of the world calls stigma we brush off as a cultural norm and either way, it's got to stop. Every voice added to the conversation is a welcome one. Email me at dimelo@latina.com to share your thoughts  on the Spanglish Taboos you're tired of people pretending don't exist. My aim is to address them in this space as they come up. It's up to us to make sure the next generation is raised knowing their voices will be heard.  Let's stop sweeping our sh*t under the carpet and start screaming from the rooftops instead.

I don't blame my parents for letting themselves believe the problem would take care of itself, but sometimes I wonder how things might have turned out differently if my bulimia had been directly addressed. I think that's what I had secretly hoped for while purging in the only shower in our home. My actions certainly spokes volumes louder than any words I could have spoken at the time. If anything, I would have known my silent cries for help had been acknowledged and that may have made all the difference in the world.

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