Dimelo: Taboo Topics That Shouldn't Be


These topics (and so many more) fall into the category that I refer to as "spanglish taboos"; each is worthy of its own conversation, and yet we seem to be at a crossroads. Older generations see no need to air the dirty laundry and out of respect, we often nod our heads and smile while at family dinner and events, avoiding any hot button topics until we are back in our own homes and free to speak our minds in our social media streams and on our blogs. Because we've been trained to not talk about the spanglish taboos, we often find it easier to write about them instead.

Progress, mi gente. Progress.

Two friends recently made some noise talking up spanglish taboos: Dr. Helen Troncoso (a New York-based health and wellness consultant) was quoted in this CNN article on Latinas, obesity, and our perception of health, and blogger Elma Placeres Dieppa in a recent post entitled: Mental Health: It's Not Just For Gringos Anymore.