Dimelo: Taboo Topics That Shouldn't Be


As a bulimic teenager, I learned to stop throwing up in the shower. The running water masked the sound of my purging but sometimes I wasn't diligent enough in my clean-up. My parents whispered; I heard them, so I just stopped. No one ever brought it up.

I've seen friends and relatives ignore health issues like diabetes and obesity. Suggested dietary changes are ignored—because popping a few pills and dealing with the symptoms is easier than acknowledging that we are not as healthy as we think. We tease, we joke, we laugh, and then we all go on as we were because ignoring the problem is easier than addressing it. "Just act natural"...right?

I've been to more weddings that I can count where the guests pretended they didn't know the bride was pregnant simply for the sake of saving face. Everyone knew that the ultrasound came before the “will you marry me?”, but no one was going to bring it up. Instead, we pretended the baby was “surprisingly healthy for being born six months premature” because for many Latinas, sex outside of marriage is still a touchy subject (and by touchy, I mean we only have a problem with it when we have to listen to la familia give us hell for not having a problem with it.) The issue, obviously, isn't the sex itself, but the fact that we still find it necessary to sweep reality under the alfombra just to save face.