Dimelo: Sometimes, Planning Just Doesn't Work (And That's Okay)


Just like Hispanic Heritage Month is an opportunity to highlight just a few of the aspects of the whole that is Being Latino, my Latino USA and LATISM conference experience was a chance to ditch the planned history lesson for this week and simply be in the moment. I've spoken more Spanish in the past week than I have in the past year, been given the opportunity to reach and connect with a new audience through Latino USA, moderated a panel on the importance of erasing the stigma on mental health in the Latino community, and spoken to the Top Blogueras at LATISM on my transition from blogger to columnist before a visit to the United Nations that came as a total surprise.

I was reminded of how family oriented we are as a culture when new friends went out of their way to welcome us into their home, when others volunteered their time and attention to care for my daughter while I recorded my radio segment and attended to speaking engagements. My heart smiled when the music started on LATISM's final evening and I saw my little girl dance for as long as she could to her own rhythm as musica filled the room. I thought of weddings and quinces and how no matter how much we try to plan to skip the bumps in the road that everything always seems to work out in the end. If we're paying attention we will begin to see how we celebrate our culture by letting the day unfold on its own terms.

And that kind of lesson, mi gente, isn't limited to by any calendar.

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