Dimelo: My 6-Year-Old Daughter Has a Blog

  • No logging in and posting without parental permission
  • No personal details that have not been approved by one or both parents
  • Don't even ask me about a Facebook or Instagram account.
  • Okay fine, I'll cave on the Twitter account but ONLY because you only sees the tweets I let you see.
  • No, you cannot post the pictures you took of Mommy doing yoga...from behind.
  • Anything blogged, vlogged, or tweeted cannot and will not be vlogged, blogged, or tweeted without my eyes on it first until you are old enough to do things like legally buy alcohol. Or until you're 90.
  • Forget your toys. First sign of misbehaving and the blog belongs to ME until I say otherwise.
  • I don't care if you get famous. Mama's still in charge.
  • You will learn from this experience about things like grammar and spelling and ethics and the best lighting to photograph what we ate for dinner. The last one is probably the only point you'll retain and I've already made peace with that fact.


I'll be honest. Eliana's blog wrap up of this weekend will probably be written or vlogged long before mine is. It's something she is excited about and can't wait for when we sit down to blog.

I have one rule for myself when it comes to what she wants to focus on: She talks. I type what she says. So what you read on AspiringEliana.com are her actual words that, for the time being, needed a little help getting onto the page. (For the record - my girl picked that name. And I'm still smiling.)