Dimelo: My 6-Year-Old Daughter Has a Blog

Would you let your small child have her own blog? The Husband and I have listened to Eliana talk about how she's a "famous writer" like Mama for a while now and because I know many moms with blogs with kids with their own URLs, I presented the option to her. I said something like "Do you think you'd like a blog?" and she screamed "YES!" and then quietly whispered "really???" 

Up until now, Eliana has been a part of my social media experience. Her face is all over my instagram feed and she shows up in pictures on my own blog at Aspiringmama.com so often that giving her a space of her own just seemed like the right step to take. 

I do have rules and just went over them with Eliana. They are guidelines that I recommend for anyone whose kid is as eager as mine was to go online. Here they are: