Dimelo: "Should I Move On?"

Dimelo: "Should I Move On?"

Dear Pauline,

I've been living the single life for three years now, but I happened to be with a guy these past three years just as a rebound from my last ex-boyfriend. Turns out he has a live-in novia that he told me about the first month, but we kept talking because we were madly "in lust." I honestly didn't think things would last this long and I've avoided sex this past year because I've been feeling guilty about the girlfriend.

He's told me the lack of sex bothers him and without warning he's giving me the cold shoulder, our daily texting routine has stopped in it's tracks, and our once week hang-out is not happening anymore.

I am 27 and want to get over him! Why am I feeling this way? Should I move on? Ayudame!



Srta. Confused


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