Dimelo: Open Letter to the Maker of a Jenni Rivera Piñata

But Jenni did. And she inspired her fans with her spirit and determination just as much as she did her music. Taking a crack at the piñata made to resemble the fallen singer is pissing people off because it's representative of everything it shouldn't be. You have to know that.

I've got a few words for the fans you claim urged you to create the Jenny Rivera piñata, too, but please do me a favor. Don't hide behind them while you laugh your way to the bank, claiming respect.

I'm not even going to ask about the "statue in the bedroom" portion of your quote because that's just wrong. But I am going to back up Rivera's sister on this one. Respect comes with honoring Jenni's memory, not with an overpriced paper mache depiction the kids at the party can't wait to destroy.


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