Dimelo: Flipping on the Light


I'm the woman telling you that I've been there and sharing what I've learned on the way, too. I truly believe that in order for us to be able to be there for our families and give of ourselves in our work and in our friendships that we need the time to freak out before reeling ourselves back in. I like yoga for settling anxieties, as well as meditation (even if it's just for a few moments before bed.) Journaling is a fantastic way to process emotions and get a clearer picture of your dreams and desires. Most importantly, we need to accept that it's normal to feel fear and anxiety as we work to make our dreams come true. And then, after all that calm reflecting we allowed ourselves to reboot, we take a deep breath, count to three, and we take the step.

As a mother, I have the wherewithal to allow my 6-year-old quiet time to reboot during life's busier moments (like traveling, for example) to avoid epic meltdowns. But what about taking care of ourselves? As women we tend to be programmed to care for our families and frequently put the needs before our own. As Latinas...well...just take what I just said and multipy it by 10,000. The point is that when the going gets a bit crazier than usual, maybe we need to put ourselves first for once, allow ourselves quiet moments to settle our minds, and accept that the storm sometimes comes before the calm? Because it does.

Hiding in the dark might just be a very necessary moment to remind ourselves just how brilliant life is when we flip the lights back on.

Find me at about.me/paulinecampos. Beware of rabbit holes.

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