Dimelo: Flipping on the Light


My job is to give advice on love and life and relationships. My blogs are full of essays and stories that are meant to empower women and young girls to see the beauty in their reflections and love themselves as they are. My business cards say Giver of Solicited Advice and I like to refer to myself as a body image cheerleader.

But that doesn't mean I don't have bad days. Because I do.

I think you need to know that.

I also wait out the bad days because I know tomorrow, I get to try again. You need to know that, too.

I'm sitting in the dark as I write this column. I'm overwhelmed and anxious and the lights were just too bright. Nothing bad is happening. I'm just not sleeping because Good Things are coming and these Good Things are what I've always wanted. And that's exactly why I'm giving myself a break—because it's exactly what I need.