Dimelo: Flipping on the Light


Every time positive change is on the horizon, I feel self doubt and fear of success wrapped in fear of failure creeping in. I'm ADHD (with anxiety symptoms that go hand in hand), so routine is my comfort zone and change is enough to send me throw me off track, if only temporarily. I didn't sleep for a month before graduating from college. When I was pregnant, I nested like a woman obsessed to keep my mind off the fear of screwing up motherhood until I held my baby in my arms and it was time to put up or shut up. (Spoiler alert: I totally put up.) And I freaked out a little the week before my first Latina column appeared in the August issue before taking a deep breath and diving in, calm and ready to take on the world. Now there's something new happening I can't mention yet, and it's a wonderful something that I'm thrilled about.

I'm terrified.

And I'm okay with that.

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