Dimelo: Flipping on the Light


Have you ever found yourself scared sh*tless because that one thing you've always wanted is actually happening? Can you relate to sleepless nights that stem from knowing that something you've worked your butt off for is on the brink of becoming reality? Maybe it's a job promotion. Maybe it's the night before your high school or college graduation. Or maybe it's the last trimester of your first pregnancy and suddenly you find yourself equally terrified and excited about all that parenting entails.

I am a firm believer that in sharing my words with the world. I also share many of my struggles , if only for the fact that the only way people are going to know it's okay to feel overwhelmed on occasion is to talk about it. The only way people are going to know they can wait out the bad and stand, smiling triumphantly on the other side, is to talk about that, too. And we can high-five each other because we didn't stop trying.

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