Dimelo: Celebrate Who You Are


Cultural identity is on the brain today.

I've been chatting about the topic with fellow bloggers Ananda Leeke and Dwana Delacerna, my co-hostesses for the MultiCulti Extravanganza, a party celebrating blogger diversity at this year’s BlogHer Conference in Chicago on July 25-27.

So I want to ask you, what is your own cultural identity and what do you celebrate most? And what part, if any, does ancestry play in the culture with which you identify?

I grew up defending my cultural identity to other people based on their perception. It seems I'm a chameleon, though I never set out to be one. Put me in a group of Italians and to some people, I “must be” Italian. If I'm with an African-American friend, I'm “obviously mixed.” If I'm with my family, we just confuse the living hell out of everyone but at least the guess tossed out is usually a Latin one—even if every person argues with me when I say that I’m Mexican.