Dimelo: Being Patriotic (With a Tan)

Marc Anthony sings God Bless America
Getty Images

I probably should have mentioned I'm also pretty freaking frustrated. I know you probably are, too. No matter how you spin this, the What isn't as important as the Why behind Americans requiring those of us with a tan to prove we have the right to pledge allegiance.

Maybe the immigration debate is behind it and we need to start reminding the rest of the world that Mexican-Americans are not a collective group of freeloaders hoping for social security and a book of food stamps. Because we're not.

Or maybe this all stems from pure ignorance? If so, we need to educate while remembering only those open to learning are going to bother listening. Because when we stop beating around the proverbial bush, this whole thing comes right down to being judged on skin color alone.

Remember that no one questioned the white lady with the French accent singing the American national anthem, and I'm not either. I think it's a lovely show of respect.