Dimelo: "Am I Not Aiming High Enough?"

Dimelo: "Am I Not Aiming High Enough?"

Dear Pauline,

I  am currently in my last year at college studying Fashion Merchandising. I've never been a huge fashion nerd but I have always loved being creative with my style, so I figured it would be a fun major to take. Thing is, I feel like the only student who doesn't plan on becoming the next big thing.

I want to keep things simple. I'd like to get a job as a sales associate at one of my favorite clothing stores and maybe work my way up to visual merchandizing, which I also enjoy. Am I wrong for wanting to keep things simple?


Small Dreamer

Dear Small Dreamer,

We have a lot in common. I couldn't tell you what the up and coming trend is going to be. And I'm still waiting for someone to explain to me why skinny jeans and the seemingly-required muffin top are still happening because... worst idea ever.

But I'm just an advice columnist. It's not like anyone's interested in my opinion, or anything. Moving on, though, what we do have in common is our penchant for dreaming and starting small. I was probably the only student in my senior class that didn't know exactly what I was going to major in come freshman year of college and I sure as hell had zero clue as to exactly what I was going to do upon graduation. I knew I wanted to write, mind you, but I couldn't have told you how I was going to make rent, let alone provide a copy of my five year plan!

Funny thing was I stressed about tomorrow's unknowns less than my friends did simply because I knew I would figure out what my next step was going to be as I was meant to. And I did...I ended up writing for the University of Detroit-Mercy's student newspaper (The Varsity News!), and enjoyed myself so much that I decided to pursue journalism as my career choice. Maybe it was more Seat of my Pants than Planned, but I was fine with that. And you should be, too.

I'm going to bet you only feel self-conscious about your (lack of) future plans because of outside influence. Whether your friends are giving you a hard time or your family wants to know how long they have to wait for you to get your own label, stop giving them the power to decide your feelings or guide your path. That's all for you to decide. If you're happy where you are at and where you are heading, then keep moving forward and ignore the rest. -- Complicated is overrated, anyway.

-- P 

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