Consejos Chat: Paris Jackson's Suicide Attempt Is Not Funny


And then we sit and wonder why so many suffer in silence when the answer is staring us straight in the face: it's not that not one single suicidal person has ever felt the need to call out for help. I was one of them. The problem, my friends, is that when we're so down that we honestly think we are doing the world a favor by ridding you of our presence, you tell us to cheer up, snap out of it, and expect the despair trapped inside of our heads to instantly be replaced with rainbows and unicorns.

That's not the way it works, but we know you don't understand. So we smile and nod and try to act like everything is okay because it's supposed to be. We have friends and family who love us or a great job or just graduated as valedictorian from high school. We're not supposed to feel like going to sleep and never waking up is a solution. But it is and will remain so until the hell Paris Jackson is being put through by a world full of strangers who think she should have tried harder ends and empathy and compassion replace what we have happening now.

My friends Stephanie Mullen and Theresa Seid of MomSmack are all over this one with screen shots of the "tamer" of the comments aimed at a troubled girl who needs help.