The Whole Truth

When I arrived to my Bariatric appointment last week with my best friend (THANK YOU!) I was so nervous. I was more nervous to get on that scale than to actually discuss the surgery. My blood pressure was taken, which was fine except for the obvious issue of my weight and BMI (body mass index). But when we got down to business discussing which surgery I wanted to do and the reasons why I had wanted to go through the Sleeve Gastrectomy, it made me pause.

The last question in my pamphlet was a little difficult to swallow. The question was: "Why do you want to get this surgery done?" So many things came into mind: growing up overweight and being teased, being an overweight teen and being rejected, and worse, being an overweight adult and having people look at you weird because you're overweight. Going shopping and buying clothes twice the size of everyone around you became an issue for me. You go through the rejection, the "looks" that are given because of what you wear, and the worst of the entire situation—the name calling that goes on! AMAZING! I can't count on my hands and toes how many times the word FAT comes out of people's mouths when they are upset with me.

As the tears streamed down my face at the doctor's office and the nurse read my reason for wanting this surgery aloud, it hurt more hearing it than writing it. She then asked me to express my feelings vocally. I had to tell her the whole truth and nothing but the truth! No matter how much it hurt. I was brutally honest and told her how I felt now and what I went through growing up.

She asked another important question: Who is your support system? I mentioned, well first and foremost, my family, as you can see my friends, and there is a good portion of support with my readers of my Blog, "Losing It" on Yes, you on the other side reading this, YOU ARE PART OF MY SUPPORT SYSTEM. Thank You! Thank you for being there when people were mean and wanted to knock me down. Instead, with your comforting comments you put a smile on my face. You don’t know how much that honestly means to me!