Understanding Heidi Montag

Oddly enough, reality star Heidi Montag was all over the news talking about her numerous plastic surgery procedures around the time I decided to pursue having gastric bypass. Thankfully, people have been very supportive of my choice. However, the reactions to Montag seemed to be overwhelmingly negative. The truth is that in many ways I can relate to her (if you can imagine that!). She had a serious body modification, and so will I. My surgery will eventually change the way I look to others and, most importantly, the way I look to myself. From what I've read, Montag's decision basically came down to the same thing. Although I may not agree that she needed to lose weight or change her face, the fact is that she wasn't happy with what she saw in the mirror. And in the end, don't we owe it to ourselves to be happy?

And sure, maybe it's crazy to take potentially life-threatening risks in order to look better. In my case, my weight is at a dangerous level, which means I could be saving my life with surgery. Montag's decision was based purely on vanity, and I hope for her sake that she doesn't continue to seek a perfection that may never come. I already feel beautiful, but I want to be at a healthy weight, too. I won't fool myself into thinking I'll be perfect after surgery. That would be setting myself up for failure.

What do you guys think? Is there such thing as a perfect appearance? Do you think Heidi was crazy to have 10 procedures at the age of 23? Does weight determine a person's level of attractiveness?