Here Comes the Bride

Oh, relax! Don't you know I would have told you if I were remotely close to tying the knot (I'm not). But I am going to a wedding. In Colombia. That's right, my big trip is just around the corner.

As excited as I am about going, the thought of buying a dress for my uncle's wedding—not to mention a bathing suit for the beach and cute everyday outfits—had me slightly anxious. Lately, I’ve haven’t been working out as much as I should because I’ve been so crazed with work, school and, well, you know how it goes. I have, however, been very careful about what goes in my mouth, which has helped me maintain.

I ended up going dress shopping at one of my favorite stores, Torrid, and it was a great experience. The dress that I wanted fit perfectly in a smaller size than I'm used to. I looked amazing. My legs looked toned, thanks to the exercises my trainer taught me. Even my ankles felt stronger in my heels—I wasn't wobbling in them for the first time. My discipline is really paying off!

I promise to send you all a picture of me at my uncle's wedding. Colombia watch out, cause here I come!