Modern Mami: The Day I Found Out I Was Pregnant

There’s a baby in my belly! WHOA!

Just saying it is still a little weird and living it for the past few months, well, lets just say, ‘weird’ doesn’t even begin to describe it!

Babies were definitely on the brain for my husband Gibby and me. We were always going back and forth on whether we were ready or not and finally decided that if it happens, great. If not, that’s fine, too. And at this particular time in our lives late last year, we had sort of put it out of our minds. It always happens that way, huh?

The day I found out that a little human was growing inside of me started like any other Sunday. Gibby and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for a couple of tacos and a margarita (or three). We came home, and for no reason in particular, I decided to pee on a stick. (That, by the way, isn’t like "any other Sunday") I can’t tell you what possessed me to take this test. Honestly, there hadn’t been even one thought in my mind that I might be pregnant. It was probably just the universe’s way of telling me, 'I hope you enjoyed that margarita because it’s going to be your last for a while.' I walked into my bedroom, handed the positive stick to my husband, and he said, 'What’s this?' He’s a genius, my husband. 

I can’t wait to tell my kid, 'we found out about you over margaritas!!' 

Well, ready or not, baby is on the way. My husband and I are beyond excited to have a little baby, or a little “Bean,” as I like to call him/her. But we’re also nervous, lost, confused, and sometimes just darn right grossed out with all that is happening. What we’ve come to quickly realize is that the best way to get through those moments is some Rocky Road icecream and a good laugh.

I’m so excited to be teaming up with to share with all of you this kooky journey of my first pregnancy. But let’s make it a conversation, because I’ll also need your insight and your experiences to get me through this. You can think of yourselves as my comadres — you bring the non-alcoholic beverages and I’ll supply the topics.