Dolores dice...

Dear Dolores:

I’m a 29-year-old Latina newlywed, although I’ve been with my now-husband for nine years. Everything was okay until recently, when I ordered address labels with my apellido de soltera. He blew his top. This was never an issue before. I told him that I would change my surname to his once my career goals are well established. But we argue every day about the fact that I want to stay a Ramos and not become a Rosas just yet. I do want his last name, but when I’m ready to take it. Please help me!

—Tammy in the ‘Net

Dear Tammy:

You have to do a better job in communicating to your marido the importance of name recognition in the business world and how a name change can adversely affect your career at this point. Also, you can bring up tradition: Remind him that in Latin America women do not change their surnames when they marry, they just add the husband’s apellido to their own. This is something you may want to consider. You have to admit that “Ramos de Rosas” has a sweet ring to it. I’d think twice about the “Tammy,” though...

—Good luck, D