Wildly Inappropriate Things About 'We're The Millers'


In addition to the Mexican drug lords there was also the classic crooked cop cliche. Luis Guzman delivers a cameo as a Mexican policeman for some serious laughs.

-Spider bites are scary! 

Kenny (Will Poulter) gets bitten ( in the crotch)  by a tarantula. "The spider bite scene was interesting, we were literally on the side of the road and my pants were around my ankles. It was pretty embarrassing," says the British- born actor.

-There's a very awkward scene in the movie.

This can only be described as an epic moment, when Kenny makes out with Casey and Rose."It was a bizarre scene to film, we just laughed our way through it. It was an awkward day for all involved," says Poulter. 

(Director Rawson) on kissing scene. "Originally it was just Casey and Will for that scene then Jennifer (Aniston) suggested Rose be in it too, which really enhanced the scene, says Rawson. Technically they're not doing anything wrong,  none of them are related."

Will you be seeing We're The Millers when it hits theaters August 7? What's been your favorite comedy this summer?