Wildly Inappropriate Things About 'We're The Millers'

Any time you make a movie about an American family going south of the border, things are sure to get crazy (& somewhat stereotypical). But We're The Millers, out August 7, is not only wildly inappropriate, it's the most outrageous comedy this summer. Here's why:

Small time drug dealer, David, (Jason Sudeikis) is asked by a wealthy client Brad, (Ed Helms), to pick up marijuana from Mexico, for which he'll be paid $100,000. Realizing that one man attempting to get through customs all by himself is too suspicious, he hires a stripper, Rose, (Jennifer Aniston) and recruits two local kids, a runaway tween girl, Casey, (Emma Roberts) and a virgin teenage boy, Kenny,  (Will Poulter) to portray a bogus family, the Millers, so as to not arouse suspicion while crossing the border. But the "family" runs into trouble when it is discovered that the marijuana David was supposed to return to the States was taken from a high-powered Mexican drug lord.

The cast shared some of their favorite/most outrageous scenes from the new movie with Latina.com. A few of the things we loved: 

-Jennifer Aniston is a stripper named Rose. 

"For me, the scene at the auto body shop was most difficult." In Aniston's big scene where she shows her dancing skills the actress credits her choreography, trainer and cinematographer and diet for looking good in the film. "It's was  a lot of working out and no carbs."