5 Reasons to Pamper Yourself During Spa Week

3. Getting Your Hair Done Makes You Feel Good: Let's not lie, ladies. Nothing makes me feel more pampered than coming out of the salon with a fresh head of hair, whether I got it dyed or cut. At Allure Day Spa, they treated me to both. Since I've been rocking blonde hair for the past two months, my roots were badly in need of some maintenance. And my short 'do definitely needed some TLC, too. I came out feeling refreshed and looking beautiful--just what I needed!

4. Your Mood Dramatically Improves: Do you remember how in Legally Blonde Reese Witherspoon's character would go get a manicure whenever she was upset? Well, I know exactly how she feels! After having a fight with a friend, I really needed to do something that would make me happier and calmer, and a visit to Allure Day Spa was perfect for that. I left feeling great, which of course immediately encouraged me to make up with my friend, too. It was a win-win!

5. If You Don't Treat Yourself, Who Will? We're all busy people. You're taking care of the kids, the family, the hubby, and that's not even to mention work and having some sort of social life. Sometimes we can forget that we need to treat ourselves as well as we treat others. I know this can definitely be a constant issue in my life, which is why when Spa Week comes around, I will remind myself that I'm worth it, too. So go ahead--treat yourself! After all, you love you, right?