Kristin Chenoweth On Her Upcoming Role With J.Lo: "I'm Thrilled!"

Last night, I got to partake in a fantastic night of feasting and festivity to celebrate the launch of the Chris March for Target "Big Fun" Halloween wig collection. Set in an amazing venue that screamed "Halloween" (or Hogwarts!), the party was started when the man of the hour, Chris March, was joined by actress Kristin Chenoweth, of Broadway's Wicked and Glee fame. 

But Chenoweth is also taking a much different role very soon: set to play the best friend of Jennifer Lopez's character in the new film The Boy Next Door. When a fling between Jennifer Lopez and, yes, the young boy next door goes awry, he can't seem to let go. Talk about scary! 

I caught up with the actress at the event to get the quick scoop on what she's thinking about the film:

So you just signed up for a movie alongside Jennifer Lopez... 

I'm so excited!

What are you most excited for?

You know, mainly it's just that I get to work with her. It's so cool. We share the same birthdays. I'm so thrilled to be doing this alongside her. 

What do you admire about her? 

She does it all! [But] yet I still feel like, you really see what's important to her, which is her family. 

So true! And since we're talking different roles and we're here at this Halloween event, tell us: what are you planning on being for Halloween?

I'm going to wear this! [Points to pink afro wig, $20, Target] and as a nod to my home state, Oklahoma, I'm going to wear overalls – they're back in style you know! – and I might just be a pink-headed farmgirl I think! [laughs]

Take a peek at the Chris March "Big Fun" collection, only at Target.