Latina Loves: Gourmet Sauces Inspired By The Travels of Ernest Hemingway

Latina Loves: Ernest Hemingway-Inspired Gourmet Sauces

E.H. Gourmet is bringing the inspiring life of Ernest Hemingway to your very own dinner table.

The gourmet sauce company is using the life and travels of the American novelist to inspire a line of culinary flavors. Each flavor in the line is based on Hemingway’s exciting life and travels to places such as Cuba and Spain.

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So far, the line features five flavors: a zingy cocktail sauce, based on Hemingway’s years in Key West; a sweet yet hot grilling sauce, based on his hunting days in the region of Lake Manyara; a smoky hot sauce, based on his running with the bulls experience in Spain; a sea salt, based on his time in Havana; and a Bloody Mary mix, based on his ex-patriot days.

Below are some recipes you can create with the sauces:

Tangy Bloody Mary Dip mixes the “Sun Always Rises” Bloody Mary sauce to create creamy, savory dip perfect for dipping almost anything.

Get the full recipe here.

Pork BBQ Sliders with Fried Corn Kale Slaw use “The Hunt” Grilling Sauce for a delicious, crowd-pleasing option perfect for football Sunday.

Get the full recipe here.

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For more information or to order your own set of sauces, visit E.H. Gourmet’s online store.