Just When You Thought Cycling Was A Brutal Workout, They Created Aqua Cycle...

Galland says the main difference between AQUA cycle and a regular indoor cycling class is dealing the “buoyancy of the water as well as hydrostatic pressure which squeezes the legs and lungs and heart when fully immersed making it more challenging to breathe.”

She also says that it increases circulation and reduces swelling and cellulite as well as activates the lymphatic system. “There is also no momentum in the water so the pedal stroke needs to be really worked on and make a circle engaging every stabilizing muscle as well as all the leg muscles. It makes it a very focused and intense workout for the legs.”

Anne tells me that each 45 minute Aqua class can burn up to 700-800 calories (depending on the class and instructor). After our session, and out of the pool, I sort of felt like I was walking like Frankenstein. Almost as if I walking on Earth again after a day in space. I also felt anew with a newfound strength. I can’t wait to do it again!