Latina Fitness With Evelyn Lozada: "What's In My Gym Bag?"

I get a lot of questions from my Twitter followers about what’s in my gym bag. So, I thought I would put together a post about the essentials I carry in my gym bag.  :)

As mujeres we should always be prepared for everything. And because the gym is like my second home, carrying certain things in my bag is a MUST!  

So, go ahead and check out WHAT’S IN MY GYM BAG!

1. My Beats By Dre Studded Ear Phones and iPhone – I listen to Rihanna and Beyoncé a lot when I’m working out!  Their music helps me power through any strength training that I normally do three times a week. Not to mention, my publicist is ALWAYS blowing up my phone, so I keep it near me.

2. Definitely my Latina Magazine! I cannot get through my cardio without reading about all my fellow Latinas representing us in Hollywood, politics, etc! 

3. youthH2O – I take my youthH2O prior to working out and carry a few extra bottles in my bag and purse! youthH2O is caffeine and sugar free, has powerful superfoods with mega benefits that adapts to my bodies needs,  and I get beauty, performance and wellness all in one! 

4. ToiletriesE by Evelyn Cosmetics Gentle Glycolic Face and Body Cleaner, best face wash ever. After the gym, I use it on my face to prevent breakouts from sweat. I then follow-up with the E by Evelyn Lozada Oil Control Moisturizer. I also carry my deodorant, body spray and lotion.

5. Hair elastics- I can’t stand to have my hair on my face when I exercise!  I live by any hair band elastic, put that hair in a ponytail and keep it moving!  

6. Small towel - I keep a small towel on my as I’m working out because I know that my intention is to go in there and work up a nice sweat! I can’t work out without my towel!

7. Water Bottle – I have to stay hydrated during my workout, that is key!

8. Pink Polar Heart Monitor - Everyone knows that my favorite color is PINK! So, I have to rock my Pink Polar heart monitor while working out!

9. iPad – Sometimes, when I’m on the treadmill, I will randomly check my emails or do a little business…I’m a work-a-holic. UUUGH.

10. Extra socks – We all need them and depending on how intense your workout is, you may need to double up! 

What's in your gym bag?