Latina Fitness With Evelyn Lozada: Exercising While Watching Television!

Now, I know a lot of you reality TV fans out there stay glued to the TV. However, do you actually make time to exercise? Would you rather watch a good juicy reality show or hit the gym?? Of course, many of you are saying watch the juicy reality show…but, why not do both???

We don’t want you to become a couch potato or have your backside spreading due to your television addiction. Let’s cure the situation with the following exercises below that are perfect while watching a juicy reality show. Let's get to work, Mujeres

Lunges. Perfect for when you are glued to the tube! You can do lunges in place or walk around the room lunging.

Squats: Sometimes when I’m watching the First 48, I tend to get up and squat against the wall to see how long I canactually hold it! You can also squat in place during the commercial break and see how many you achieve before your show comes back on!

Pushups: This is also a good exercise to do during commercial breaks! However, if you are an expert at push-ups try for 20 or 30 minutes during your program. 

Crunches: Oh how I love thee… let me count thy crunch! Honey, if you can do crunches during the length of your program… you are a beast! Let’s try this together next time.  I will tweet during my favorite show and we can all crunch together!

Walk In Place: Have you ever done this while watching Basketball Wives?  It takes no strain on the body, just march in place with your legs up and down and you will burn major calories!

The point is to keep your body moving and in motion at all times! Next time you are tuning in to Basketball Wives, or your favorite program, get your girls together, wear your cutest workout outfits, pour some youthH2O in your wineglasses and get to WERK! We can't have our backsides spreading. :)

We should all care about our physical appearance, so when we have time, let’s do so.