Latina Fitness With Evelyn Lozada: 4 Must-Have Foods That Empower My Workout!

Hello Chicas!

My Twitter and Facebook subscribers are always asking me, “Do you eat prior to working out?”, “Is it necessary to eat before a workout?” and “What are the best foods to eat pre-workout?”.  I get the same questions all the time. So, I decided to answer all of your questions and inform you of the 4 Must Have Foods That Empower My Workout!

You may not think so, but you need calories in order to perform well during your workout. When I don’t eat prior to working out, I don’t do as well, I feel jittery and sick to my stomach. So, I eat to get a burst of energy and keep my blood level sugars up.

I try to eat enough calories that will equal about half the calories I normally burn during my workout. For example, if you want toburn 400 calories while exercising, try to eat at least 300 calories pre-workout. Make sense?

Being that I normally workout in the mornings, below you will find my pre-workout morning meal or snack!

Oatmeal - I eat a 1Ž2 cup of Oatmeal with 1 cup of un-sweetened berries an hour before my workout because it keeps me full, while burning calories and improving my stamina. Plus, the berries provide a burst of energy!

youthH2O – I take a shot of youthH2O everyday for three weeks and I take a week off and then repeat.  youthH2O sustains my energy during my workouts and contains a powerful antioxidant such as Organic Purple Corn Extract that helps you lose weight and reduces body fat. I know it sounds weird, but it works! There are a ton of other benefits to youthH2O, which you can find here:

Low Fat Greek Yogurt – I love Greek yogurt! Greek yogurt contains the amount of protein, carbs and less sugar than regular yogurt. I normally add fruit for an extra boost of energy.

Bananas – 15 minutes prior to my workout, if I’m in a rush, I grab a banana. Bananas fill me up and don't make me feel sick while working out. One trick I learned from my trainer is that if you eat little chunks of bananas while working out, it will keep your bloodsugar levels up and steady your energy. I know, it sounds weird…

Until next week, let me know how it goes!