Latina Fitness With Evelyn Lozada: "5 Tricks to Increase Your Metabolism & Lose Weight"

4. Drink youthH2O. YouthH2O is known to increase your metabolism and helps you fight weight loss. The trick is to drink a 2oz shot of youthH2O once a day in the morning for five days straight, taking the weekend off. You should only do this for three weeks in a row. You will see the weight drop off. 


5. Become Organic. This is the only way to go because foods that are grown without pesticides keeps the fat burning in your body and doesn’t expose your thyroid to horrible toxins. Any of you out there have thyroid problems and tend to gain weight need to go organic quickly!

I stick by these tricks in my daily life, which helps to boost my metabolism and increase more muscle mass. This is exactly why my abs are so prominent. I will talk more about boosting the metabolism; I have a few more tricks up my sleeve! :) Next week, let’s talk how to get a curvy backside before summer!