Latina Fitness With Evelyn Lozada: Ever Heard of the "Cardio Strip Tease?!"

Happy New Year, chicas! I am getting back into action ever since the holidays because I sort of fell off with all of my traveling. You know how that goes...

The first thing I did was I started my three week program with youthH2O because it helps boost my metabolism and fights weight gain. It’s also great to take prior to any type of workout.

We all know that doing the same tedious workout can be dreadfully boring, so I have incorporated the following fun and sexy workouts that I could do for hours!

1. Cardio Strip Tease

Yes, I said it -- Cardio strip tease! You may be asking, what in the world is that?

Well, it’s a very sexy way for you to shed those unwanted pounds along with your clothes, be confident and feel good about yourself! You can do body rolls, strut, bump and grind. Has anyone ever scene the movie True Lies with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis? Remember that scene in the hotel where she had to do a strip tease for Arnold? That is a legendary and hilarious scene! Well, with Jamie playing the role of a housewife, it was sort of awkward for her, however, she made it sexy and you can too!

You can incorporate several sexy fitness elements such as poles, chairs or sexy dance moves and make a seductive cardiovascular workout! C’mon, let’s all work up a sweat!

2. Hula-hooping

Okay Moms, keep in mind that hula hooping is not just for the kiddos anymore. Do you have a little rhythm? If so, you will need to put those hips to work!

The hula-hoop is actually good for toning your thighs, glutes, hips, arms and that nagging core area. Not to mention, you will burn a ton of fat and not feel like you have been working out!

3. Salsa

Seriously? Who doesn’t love to salsa?! When you exercise, the most crucial part is movement, you have to stay moving and salsa will get your heart rate up shape and tone your muscles! Another huge thingthat Salsa contributes to is burning calories and fat! With Salsa, you should burn at least 10 calories per minute and tone your glutes and hips!

This particular dance is not just for Dancing with the Stars, so grab your partner and get to work!

4. Belly dancing

You know I had to go there, because working out my abs is one of my favorite things!

Don’t think that belly dancers are just jiggling their hips; they are getting a bonafide ab workout! When you belly dance, you are targeting those deep abdominals and it will sculpt every single muscle in your core!

So, find a few girlfriends and shimmy yourself to the next belly dancing class in your area and not only work out those abs, but your thighs and glutes too! You won’t even realize how intense your workout is.

Let me know how it goes and if you are going to try new things. Can't wait to hear about it!