Latina Fitness With Evelyn Lozada: "Let's Talk About Abs!"

Evelyn Lozada

1. Make sure to train your abs two to three times a week. You hear me?  Don’t do ab exercises EVERYDAY! Your ab muscles are just like any other muscle in your body and need rest and recovery. It’s only during rest that your muscles build. Over doing it will not help you. 

All you need is three to five days a week of consistent abdominal training and you will get strong and sleek abs.  IT CAN HAPPEN. Try to incorporate upper, lower and oblique exercises. Some examples would be leg lifts, regular crunches and a twisting crunch.

2. It’s important to eat small meals every three hours with lean protein at each meal. DO NOT have any sugar nor alcohol.  

Do not eat condiments; they are high in salt, which will leave you bloated and super puffy. A quarter cup of ketchup gives you a third of a day's sodium allotment; a tablespoon of soy sauce holds nearly half a day's worth. Don’t do it.

Definitely have more potassium, such as tomatoes, bananas, salmon, almonds, and cherries.

3. And, don’t forget that the more water you drink, the less water you will retain and it will release the salt out of your body. Also, drink youthH2O once or twice a day and add it to your water or favorite protein shake.

4.Cardio is extremely important! If you want your fat-burning process to speed up, increase your cardio.  You can also lift weights, which will help you gain muscle and burn the fat.

My new workout DVD, coming on August 1st, will be more detailed and  I will have an opportunity to show you exactly how it’s done. You will finally be able to relax knowing that you are on the road to better health and sexier abs.

In the meantime, take in my tips and let’s do it!