Angie Takes it All Off!

When our Entertainment Editor, Angie Romero, came into the office on Monday we all freaked out. Her hair was at least 7 inches shorter and it looked fabulous! A group of us swarmed her and bombarded the poor girl with the obvious questions.

Well, it so happens that Miss Angie (that's what we call her now that she has this sophisticated-but-funky 'do) decided she wanted to go short as soon as she got in the chair. "My stylist, Daniel, at Salon 2B, whose grandpa basically founded Aveda, knows what he's doing," she said. "So I trusted him. And what better time than the holidays to go drastic?" It seems to be a new theme with Angie because she's also thinking about getting rid of hair elsewhere. She adds: "I'm also looking into laser hair removal for the pits!"

Spotted: Angie Romero leaving Completely Bare on the Upper East Side with a new bob and a whole lot of swagger.

B&W photo by Thomas Lin.