Setting up an online dating profile usually leads to an increase of suitors. Unfortunately, most of the suitors aren't really that suitable. Only 48 hours into OkCupid and I had garnered the attention of a gaggle of old geezers who thought I was "beautiful" and wanted to "chat". And did a mention a woman named Peaches peeked at my profile and send me an electronic wink?

Yes, online dating had already proven to be...interesting.  But I wasn't giving up quite that easily! Instead, I took matters into my own hands and began searching through profiles.

I began with a very selective search: Latino men between the ages of 29 and 35. The page loaded and soon I was glancing at male photos.  Big nose, chipmunk cheeks, bald...this was not good! I knew what I liked and I refused to go on a date and be blinded by a shiny head.  I moved on to the next page, and someone instantly caught my eye. He was an attractive, 30-year-old illustrator from the Bronx. No children and a Bachelor’s degree to boot. Plus, I laughed while reading his profile! I was definitely curious so I decided to take the next step. Taking a page out of Peaches’s book, I clicked on the happy face emoticon and sent him an electronic wink.

I just hoped he thought I was a more suitable suitor than Peaches or the geezers.