What Are You Wearing?!

For as much as we laugh, snarl and groan about the effort (or lack thereof) some men put into their fashion choices, we ladies must admit that they also look at us from time to time and think, “What the hell is she wearing?!”

The other day I was reading my friend Ryan Dodge's dating blog "Singleish" and he posted a super entertaining list of Five Fall Fashion Trends Men Are Praying You’ll Avoid. Some of the chief fall fashion trend offenders he listed were the biker look, shoulder pads and studded everything.

To add to Dodge’s list, Mr. Baldwin (whom I've been seeing pretty frequently lately) recently informed me of his hatred of gladiator sandals and genie pants. He thinks these looks are absolutely ridiculous, probably along the same line of how I feel about white socks with dress shoes and popped collars.

As a proud owner of a pair of genie jeans and a pair of studded (sorry Dodge) gladiator sandals I bought in Spain, I joked with Baldwin that I’d try to spare him these looks when we hang out. But over the weekend, I just couldn't help myself and I showed up to Baldwin’s apartment proudly rocking my genie jeans just to mess with him.

Tell me chicas: Has a guy you dated ever knocked your style? How did you respond? Would you stop wearing a certain style of clothes just because your boy didn't like it?