What’s Your Fantasy?

When it comes to sex and dating, I have a million fantasies that would most likely take more than a lifetime to fulfill. I truly savor the sweet moments when some of these fantasies do in fact, become a reality. My list includes, but is not limited to:

  1. A romantic Paris getaway.
  2. A sassy and impromptu striptease.
  3. A wet and wild adventure in the middle of the Caribbean sea.
  4. A summertime picnic.

So when Mr. Baldwin checked in to see what my plans were for the weekend and invited me to join him for a picnic, I was ecstatic. Little did he know that this invitation would be a brand new
experience for me!

I anxiously woke up super-early on Saturday morning like a little kid on Christmas. The weather was all clear skies and sunshine, perfect for my first picnic date. Why is this one of my fantasies, you might ask? Well, because hanging with a boy I like in a park seems like the ideal summer day, and I've never experienced this simple, sweet scenario before!

And it was pretty much perfection. The two of us thoroughly enjoyed each other's company. People passing by probably wanted to gag at the cheesiness of the situation, but we really didn't care and reveled in every sunny moment of it. If I keep seeing Mr. Baldwin, I have a hunch that he will open me up to some new experiences. But only time will tell!

In the meantime, tell me: Sexy or sweet, what are some fantasies you have that you've never been able to indulge?