Video: Sujeiry's Love Song for Mr. G

Some people will do just about anything to find "The One." As you all know, I've waited for Mr. G’s phone calls with a patience and understanding I didn’t even know was possible. But that’s because its Mr. G. If it were any other man, I would tell them to take their excuses and shove it

So what makes us do just about anything for The One? It's hope, chicas. Hope that our efforts will pay off and we will ride into the sunset with arms wrapped around our soul mate while our hair flows in the wind. OK, maybe that’s just me. But regardless of your fantasy, commitment-ready singles are now dating online, speed dating and creating infomercials to find their mate. Yup, i said infomercials!

Mr. Tim Goggin, a 32-year-old, comedic actor from San Francisco was really frustrated with the whole dating scene, which he refers to as a “horrible, wonderful, amazing nightmare.” So this determined romantic renamed himself Tim Wow! and launched his very own infomercial website. His hilarious site showcases his wonderful qualities complete with video promotions and testimonials. You can even enter your information to claim a date with Mr. Wow before he’s off the market!

I didn’t enter because:

a) I’m not relocating to San Francisco.
b) I like my men with a little Latino spice.
c) I still feel deeply connected to Mr. G.

But Mr. Wow did give me a wonderful idea. I figured if he could create an infomercial to find his love, I could create a music video to profess my love and maybe get some sort of radical response from Mr. G! Check it out below:

xoxo, Sujeiry