The Trouble with Mr. G

Three days later and still no call from Mr. G. I would have settled for a text, an email, even a "like" on my Facebook page instead of this torturous waiting.

But honestly, I've been feeling like I'm running out of patience with Mr. G and his sticky situation. A sticky situation that, for the past year, I have knowingly involved myself in even though my moral upbringing and good girl parts scream NO! You see ladies, Mr. G is not a single man. In fact, Mr. G is in a serious, committed relationship. I know, I know, stupid Sujeiry! But trust me when I say, I was not perusing the Taken Man aisle. We worked together and became fast friends who occasionally flirted, but that was all—until I bumped into him at a NYC lounge in the middle of summer.

Since then, Mr. G and I have kissed a handful of times. I know, I know, stupid Sujeiry! But chicas, I just can’t help it. I am deeply connected to Mr. G. I just can't resist the mental, emotional and physical connection I have with him.

Do any of you know what that feels like? Have any of you followed your heart no matter what society, friends and family think? I have, and though it seems crazy, irresponsible and wrong—I believe Mr. G and I will be a couple soon. That’s why I wait another day for a call, a text, an email or even a “like” on my Facebook page.