Taking Care of Me!

I’m calling 2010 the year of Taking Care of Me. I’m eating fruits and veggies every day, sleeping enough, and following my career goals with passion, gusto and drive. In relationships, I’ve learned not to sweat the small stuff. If fulano de tal doesn’t call me back, then I’m not waiting for the telephone to ring! Instead I’ll go on my merry way and meet some other cutie to entertain my brain.

So off I went to LQ’s in search of some fun and entertainment. My friends and I walked in and I instantly surveyed the crowd, searching for a few talented dancing kings. Once at our VIP table, I spotted a papi chulo. He had bottles of alcohol, was tall and very cute. And did I mention he had bottles of alcohol?

Soon, I walked toward him and we were side by side. He glanced at me, beamed and introduced himself. In a daze, I did the same. He was much cuter up close, with light brown eyes, gorgeous clear skin and a winning smile. Then I felt what I usually feel when in the presence of sweet, hot greatness. I needed to get some love! Spontaneously, I turned to Mr. Alcohol, got on my tippy toes and kissed him on the lips. Yup! I struck again and felt just as good as the last time. He simply smiled, passed me a plastic cup and said, “This drinks on me.” I accepted it graciously and took a sip, all the while thinking: It feels so good to take care of me.