Surprise, Surprise

As far as technology has come, you'd think men would return emails, texts and phone calls in a timely fashion. Instead, they take days, weeks and sometimes months to respond as if messages were still sent on foot.  So you can imagine my surprise when The Trainer responded to the email I’d sent a week prior, asking him to send me a photo of himself. I mean, did he take a professional mall photo and get it sent for airbrushing? 

I had completely forgotten about my impulsive inquiry and almost deleted the email without opening it. But before I chucked it off as Spam, it hit me: this is The Trainer and it had an attachment!  I was excited but nervous all at the same time. I’m picky and wanted to find this man attractive because I am ready for a relationship. And wouldn't it be romantic to tell our children we met because their spontaneous, passionate mami emailed their papi to get to know him better? Yes, it would, and so I shook it off, hovered over the subject line and double clicked.

The new page loaded but there was no reply email. Apparently, The Trainer was a man of little or no words, which isn’t my cup of tea. But maybe he was cute, I hoped. I scrolled down to the bottom of the email. "Oh, no! He is not!" I shouted before scrolling back to the blank message area. Should I reply to tell him I wasn't interested? I wondered. No need. He didn't send me a message, just a picture. And not only was he unattractive but also a week too late.  He could think what he wanted, and in the same token, get a taste of his own medicine.  Maybe next time he’d use technology effectively and even a little Photoshop.