Spontaneous Combustion

When it comes to matters of the heart, my life is pretty predictable. From only dating Latino men to the abrupt manner in which my relationships end, everything is always the same. Unfortunately, the same hasn’t led too much. It never does, does it?

Now, I’m taking the steps to break out of my love routine. I emailed Zeus, the 30-something that emailed me on the online dating site, and was even considering meeting him after about a dozen or so emails. In the latest message, he brought up the possibility of exchanging telephone numbers. Immediately, my cautiousness kicked me in the head. Maybe it would be better if we went on a quick afternoon date? I thought. If he were crazy, I could run. If I were bored, the date would be so short it wouldn’t matter. If we hit off, then I would give him my number after the fact.

It was decided. No need to give him my phone number unless I felt some chemistry or felt I was safe from a potential stalker. I was still scared; risk taking has never been my forte in love. I was still unsure if I could date a white-bred Greek who’d never lived outside the New Jersey suburbs. But I was also tired of reliving the same love life with the same type of man and the same heart-wrenching endings. It was time to become unpredictable, risky and spontaneous. And so I set a date with Zeus.